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Solar Power
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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Solar Energy FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Solar Power:

How does the solar energy system work?2019-11-06T16:38:45-05:00

The solar panels directly convert sunlight into electrical energy. This energy is then converted into electricity or alternating current. Any extra energy can be stored by batteries for night-time usage or on cloudy days.

What size system do I need for my home or business?2019-11-06T16:38:08-05:00

Your required system is based on your energy consumption or your energy needs. Your electricity bill will state the usage in kwh.

How much does a solar system cost?”2019-11-06T16:37:02-05:00

The cost of your system is based on the size system required for your energy consumption and whether it is grid-tie or totally off-grid. A grid-tie system is still having connections with JPS and an off-grid system is having no connections with them but by using battery for back-up power for night-time supply of energy.

What are the financing options?”2019-11-06T16:34:57-05:00

50% deposit is required and the balance upon completion of the system. Conditions apply for any other payment arrangement.

What happens during power outages?2019-11-06T16:30:19-05:00

If you are solar powered and equipped with battery back-up, you will not be affected by power outages.

Will my system work on cloudy days?2019-11-06T16:29:20-05:00

Yes, it will once you have enough battery storage.

How will I know if my system is producing what it should?2019-11-06T16:28:20-05:00

There are monitoring devices available that measures the input and output of electricity generated.

How long does it takes to install a system?2019-11-06T16:27:42-05:00

The size of your required system will dictate the length of installation.

  • 3-6kw system –1-2 weeks or less
  • 10kw system – 2 weeks or less
  • 20kw system –2-3 weeks or less
  • 30kw system – 3-4 weeks

The period could also change depending on the weather conditions/material needed for the system.

Is there warranty on the panels and inverters?2019-11-06T16:25:25-05:00

Yes, the manufacturer’s warranty.

What if I need a new roof or if I’m building a new home?2019-11-06T16:22:20-05:00

Your roof is just one of the options available to accommodate the panels. We can also build a platform independent of your roof for the installation of panels. We recommend that roof assessments are done before installation.

How will I know if a solar system will work on my home?2019-11-06T16:21:52-05:00

To begin, you can look at factors such as which direction your home faces, the condition of your roof and obstructions such as trees and other buildings that may block the sun during the peak generation period (9am–3pm).!

Why go solar or what are the environmental benefits of solar energy?2019-11-06T16:21:21-05:00

Going solar reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which contributes to climate change and results in fewer air pollutants such as Sulphur dioxide and particular matter, which can cause health problems.

How long will the solar panel last?2019-11-06T16:14:19-05:00

Solar panels are made of durable tempered glass and require “little to no maintenance”, they will generate power lasting 20-30 years. Cleaning is recommended when necessary. If something does happen, most equipment includes warranty, although warranty terms depend on the manufacturing company.

Who is Brittonearth Energy LimitedInc.?2019-11-06T16:05:34-05:00

Brittonearth Energy LimitedInc. is a state licensed, bonded and insured electrical and general contractor, specializing in solar and energy efficiency products and installation.

Is Brittonearth Energy LimitedInc. a government agency?2019-11-06T16:04:32-05:00

Brittonearth Energy LimitedInc. is a state licensed electrical and general contractor and a private corporation. We make no claims to associated with any government agency whatsoever.

Do I still have to use the utility company after I go solar?2019-11-06T16:01:11-05:00

Yes. Laws in Florida prevent from unhooking from the utility company grid altogether. The connection process with the utility companies is called interconnection or net metering. This allows any excess energy created by a renewable energy system to flow back into the utility grid giving the customer credit for all said excess energy.

How much does a solar system cost in Florida?2019-11-06T15:59:58-05:00

Solar systems in Jamaica will cost you right around the same amount you are spending on electricity bills each month with the utility company currently. The good news, once your solar system is paid for, you will then have little to no electric bill!

How much out of pocket cost will I pay by going solar in Jamaica?2019-11-06T15:57:23-05:00

None! There are many different options to finance your solar system, all which require no money of pocket whatsoever.

If the power goes out will I still have power through my solar system?2019-11-06T15:56:04-05:00

No, If the utility company grid loses power to your home there is an automatic disconnect that will shut down the solar system feeding back to the grid. This is for the safety of any person working on the power lines so no lines are active with an electrical charge.

Why haven’t more people gone to solar energy yet in Jamaica?2019-11-06T15:51:52-05:00

There are several reasons people haven’t gone solar in Jamaica yet, It has been very expensive and there have not been many quality financing options. Which forced home owners to come up with large sums of money up front out of pocket. With our new finance options available to homeowners, especially the PACE program, there has never been a better time to go solar… And now you can go solar in Jamaica for no money out of pocket!

How many solar panels do I need on my roof in Jamaica?2019-11-06T16:49:51-05:00

The amount of solar panels you will need depends entirely on your electrical usage and the directional orientation of your roof. Our energy expert will perform a customized energy analysis quote for your home to determine the optimal green energy solution.

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